Thursday, August 30, 2012

Happy Homecoming Carlitos!


You were free to come home to our family on August 27, 2011! What a happy day that was! 
Our Party of Six was finally together...outside of a hospital.
I think I will always have some guilt for not visiting you in the ICN for 3 entire days!! 
You see, Marcos and Sofia were free a few days before you....I had every intention of going back, but you brother and sister had other plans.
Please know I called the hospital A LOT! All your nurses can tell you I called at least once every shift.  
We were so lucky and blessed to have some very good nurses that loved and cared for you.  
Nurse Jackie, Nurse Isabel, Nurse Maritess, 
Nurse Janelle, Nurse Monica and Nurse Cynthia are just a few!
I was assured so many times that you were getting lots and lots of cuddles.  We all couldn't wait to see you, hold you, smell you, kiss you and finally take you home.  There was no way you were staying behind.  Your last 2 weeks you showed so much strength and determination.  You were my sickest little one but you fought hard! You surprised us all, coming home with no oxygen, and diaphragm paralysis?? what is that?!? Yay!! Happy times!  

Here we are a year later...First you learned to roll over then sit alone, then you learned how to move around on your bottom....then came the scooting around and crawling on one knee, and now you are full blown crawling! You are pulling up and standing and learning how to not get stuck standing up.  
You are waving and clapping and this past Saturday you were so excited for you snack that you said "Ka ke" (cracker).  Your official first word besides mamamama! 
You smile at everyone and are becoming quite the flirt.  You are so social and love to play with Marcos and Sofia and of course Isabella.  You seek their attention many times and you love to play with them, especially in the mornings when you all wake up.  I love hearing you laugh.  
You are also very good at playing on your own and you are currently my most independent little one. You are also quite sensitive when little sissy Sofie takes toys away. 
Oh that cry, when you cry, you cry LOUDLY.  
You are starting to take toys away from your siblings and we like it when you put up a good fight. 
You are a risk taker and your physical therapist thinks I'm in for trouble when you start walking and I just can't wait to see you take your first steps....
ummm, well maybe I can wait just a little bit! 
We love you!

Happy Late Homecoming Day!!
A little late, only because teething x 3 is no fun at all!

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Homecoming Anniversary

Marcos and Sofia...
Your homecoming anniversary is here.  
You have been home one year today (August 23, 2012).
That was one happy and emotional day. 
I remember thinking Marcos and Sofia are free!

Marcos, weighing a little over 5 pounds, while tiny but mighty Sofia had not even reached the big 5.  I'll never forget your discharge day.  It somehow took a long time to get out of the hospital.  Maybe I was procrastinating, only because your big brother, Carlos, could not join us yet. 

That first evening was chaotic.  
Your big sister had Back to School night and not long after unloading the van and getting you out of the car seats, Daddy had to go to her school.  
I attempted to feed you both at the same time.  
A few loud screams, nursing, pumping, and bottle feeding, it's now a big blur.  

Marcos, you are mama's boy and love to be cuddled and tickled.  Most of the time you are mellow unless you are lacking sleep. Here is our picture on your discharge day.  I love how you love food.  You are so willing to try everything mama gives you.  Today you ate puree peaches and cherries, buttery toast and Cheerios for breakfast. Today you took your first bite out of a peach, and LOVED it.  You kind of scream at me when I don't feed you fast enough.  You are so tolerant and let big sis cuddle you and squeeze your cheeks.  

Sofia, you were feisty from day one.  We are so thankful for all your strength.  We all know you are in charge.  I love how you always sit back and observe.  You take the world in.  You have come so far, and as your pediatrician said this week..."You have exceeded everyone's expectations."

It's Back to School Night again.
 This year mommy went, while daddy did the night routine.
We feel so blessed to have been chosen to be your mom and dad.  It hasn't been easy, its been quite the journey (and still is) but we are so happy God allowed us to bring you home. 
Your first few weeks of life were hard. I'll never be able to explain why.  
We no longer question your premature birth but know you truly are one of God's little miracles.

Happy Homecoming Day!

 Carlitos's Homecoming Day is coming soon along with the first adjusted birthday!!

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

15 month weights

We had our 15 month check up Monday.
Carlos = 17 lbs.
Marcos = 18 lbs 13 oz
Sofia = 16 lbs 12 oz

Our pedi is very happy with their progress.  They are all crawling, clapping, waving bye, eating solids, feeding themselves,enjoying peek-a-boo, babbling and so much more.

Isabella started school today.  The hubby talked me into taking the whole crew at 8am to drop her off. Pictures will come soon. I am so glad we all went. Isabella's last day of summer was nothing special. I was super tired and cranky from the night before. Marcos and Carlos kept us up for what seemed like a very looong time. I had ideas in my head about celebrating the end of summer but no energy left. This is one busy week.  I hope I get used to these school pick ups or that I find someone to help out.  Whenever I start to think...this week is going to be so tough...I remind myself that this is nothing compared to those early weeks in the NICU. 

Tomorrow marks the homecoming anniversary for Marcos and Sofia! What a year it has been. 

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Swimming Class

Remember this post, the very first day I had to pack up the trio to watch sissy swim...
Here we are again wrapping up the last 2 week session.  We survived it, almost 3 months of swimming class.  And Big Sis is now a swimmer.  This week may be our last for awhile.  She starts first grade on Wednesday! First grade, I can't even believe it! 
I'm not about to attempt a 2:35 school pick up and an afternoon swimming class, so we are taking a break, settling in to a school routine before we pick up another extra curricular activity.

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Friday, August 17, 2012

August 17, 2011~Flashback Friday

Here is Marcos last year. 
August 17, 2011
The trio is 15 months actual age today.

 He was the first one to be tubeless, no nasal canula, no feeding tube.  I remember I couldn't wait until everything came off.  All of this meant we were getting so close to bringing them home.  And so I took a few pics of what my view was for months. 

Marcos's monitor satting at 96 with no assistance.  A glorious day.

After 24 hours the tape comes off.  And the 5 day countdown was on!

Daddy holding Marcos.

Not sure why I don't have any pics of Carlos on this day.  I will need to look back at my notes to see if he was already co-bedding with brother and sister.  I'm pretty sure he was.

Sofia was also getting close.  It became a race.  Here is a note I found one morning on Sofia's crib.  Nurse Nuna trying it out and challenging my girl. She did it! Her countdown began as well.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Winery trip~Wordless Wednesday

A few weeks ago we had a visit from Grandma, Grandpa and Tia Gina. 
We ventured out to V.Sattui Winery and had a fun and relaxing afternoon.
Lots of pics and good wine! 
Thanks Sis for taking all the pics.
Pictures taken July 29, 2012

Our new schedule

Super tired! I don't think that will end anytime soon.
I miss blogging. I miss time to blog.
The kiddos have transitioned to one nap. Change is hard. We had it good.
From March through August or (10-14 months actual age) our days looked a bit like this:

Wake around 6
Bottle around 6:45
Breakfast at 8:30
Nap at 9
Up at 10:30
Bottle 11:30ish
Lunch 1
Nap 1:30-2ish
Up at 2:30-3
Bottle 3:30
Dinner 5
Baths 5:45
Bottle and bedtime 6:30

Well, they weren't having it anymore, both morning and afternoon naps began to get shorter and shorter and included more crying than what I am comfortable with. So in efforts to get a longer nap...we had to play with the schedule quite a bit. Lots of trial and error days.
This week marks week 3 and I think we have it down.

6-6:30 Wake
6:45-7 Wake
8:30 Breakfast
11 Snack and bottle
11:30 to 1:00 nap (on a really good day)
1:30 lunch
3:30 Bottle
5 Dinner
5:45 Baths
6:30 Bottle and bedtime

There you have it.  In case I ever forget what my days were like, I'll be glad I wrote it down.  Sometimes naps are only 45 minutes.  But this schedule will allow me to pick up Isabella from first grade. First grade!! Sometimes I can't believe it.

Anxiously awaiting the big "due date".  The trio's adjusted first birthday is August 28.  Still thinking about how we will celebrate.  Next week the three have their 15 month check up.  I'm sure the doctor will suggest that I give whole milk a try again, and curious to see their weight gain now that they are eating more table foods.  I wouldn't mind getting rid of a bottle but I think they still need it.  This Thursday, Carlitos is getting tubes put in.  Here we go trip, anesthesia, the whole works but thankfully it's an outpatient procedure and the doctor is predicting we will be home by noon.

I guess its a short nap day....they are all awake and my time is up. Pictures to come soon.