Thursday, August 23, 2012

Homecoming Anniversary

Marcos and Sofia...
Your homecoming anniversary is here.  
You have been home one year today (August 23, 2012).
That was one happy and emotional day. 
I remember thinking Marcos and Sofia are free!

Marcos, weighing a little over 5 pounds, while tiny but mighty Sofia had not even reached the big 5.  I'll never forget your discharge day.  It somehow took a long time to get out of the hospital.  Maybe I was procrastinating, only because your big brother, Carlos, could not join us yet. 

That first evening was chaotic.  
Your big sister had Back to School night and not long after unloading the van and getting you out of the car seats, Daddy had to go to her school.  
I attempted to feed you both at the same time.  
A few loud screams, nursing, pumping, and bottle feeding, it's now a big blur.  

Marcos, you are mama's boy and love to be cuddled and tickled.  Most of the time you are mellow unless you are lacking sleep. Here is our picture on your discharge day.  I love how you love food.  You are so willing to try everything mama gives you.  Today you ate puree peaches and cherries, buttery toast and Cheerios for breakfast. Today you took your first bite out of a peach, and LOVED it.  You kind of scream at me when I don't feed you fast enough.  You are so tolerant and let big sis cuddle you and squeeze your cheeks.  

Sofia, you were feisty from day one.  We are so thankful for all your strength.  We all know you are in charge.  I love how you always sit back and observe.  You take the world in.  You have come so far, and as your pediatrician said this week..."You have exceeded everyone's expectations."

It's Back to School Night again.
 This year mommy went, while daddy did the night routine.
We feel so blessed to have been chosen to be your mom and dad.  It hasn't been easy, its been quite the journey (and still is) but we are so happy God allowed us to bring you home. 
Your first few weeks of life were hard. I'll never be able to explain why.  
We no longer question your premature birth but know you truly are one of God's little miracles.

Happy Homecoming Day!

 Carlitos's Homecoming Day is coming soon along with the first adjusted birthday!!


  1. Love this! Happy Homecoming Day Marcos & Sofia!!

  2. Love it! They are getting so grown up! Happy Home Day :)

  3. Beautiful post! Congratulations on the homecoming anniversary.