Wednesday, August 22, 2012

15 month weights

We had our 15 month check up Monday.
Carlos = 17 lbs.
Marcos = 18 lbs 13 oz
Sofia = 16 lbs 12 oz

Our pedi is very happy with their progress.  They are all crawling, clapping, waving bye, eating solids, feeding themselves,enjoying peek-a-boo, babbling and so much more.

Isabella started school today.  The hubby talked me into taking the whole crew at 8am to drop her off. Pictures will come soon. I am so glad we all went. Isabella's last day of summer was nothing special. I was super tired and cranky from the night before. Marcos and Carlos kept us up for what seemed like a very looong time. I had ideas in my head about celebrating the end of summer but no energy left. This is one busy week.  I hope I get used to these school pick ups or that I find someone to help out.  Whenever I start to think...this week is going to be so tough...I remind myself that this is nothing compared to those early weeks in the NICU. 

Tomorrow marks the homecoming anniversary for Marcos and Sofia! What a year it has been. 

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  1. Big Days all around- happy homecoming anniversary and first day of school!

    I hope Bella enjoys her new class... and that things get easier for you with the new schedule.

    :) Emily