Friday, August 17, 2012

August 17, 2011~Flashback Friday

Here is Marcos last year. 
August 17, 2011
The trio is 15 months actual age today.

 He was the first one to be tubeless, no nasal canula, no feeding tube.  I remember I couldn't wait until everything came off.  All of this meant we were getting so close to bringing them home.  And so I took a few pics of what my view was for months. 

Marcos's monitor satting at 96 with no assistance.  A glorious day.

After 24 hours the tape comes off.  And the 5 day countdown was on!

Daddy holding Marcos.

Not sure why I don't have any pics of Carlos on this day.  I will need to look back at my notes to see if he was already co-bedding with brother and sister.  I'm pretty sure he was.

Sofia was also getting close.  It became a race.  Here is a note I found one morning on Sofia's crib.  Nurse Nuna trying it out and challenging my girl. She did it! Her countdown began as well.

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