Wednesday, November 7, 2012

A very late Halloween post!

Its been hard to keep up with this between the three littles and big sister, the ridiculous amount of laundry, cooking, school pick ups, play dates, teething and sickness, I've had very little down time. I can't even remember whom it started with but the trio has managed to take turns being sick almost the entire month of October. We have had fevers, runny noses, and one ear infection. Luckily the colds have not hit their lungs and we are managing just fine. Sofia even finished a round of antibiotics without getting a nasty rash. She is the only one who has begun taking albuterol but only once a day. I'm praying it stays that way. Most of the trio's first winter was spent doing nebulizer treatments every 4 hours...if you do the math, that's a good chunk of the day, something we'd like to avoid.
Luckily we made it out on Halloween. Our day was busy, and the trio and I made it to sissy's parade at school before 9 am that morning. Our lil dinos got lots of attention.  I even agreed to let people take pics! Reality is, I may be around these people for I try my hardest to put on a smile and ignore all the comments we get. After all,  the attention is just part of what comes along with triplet land...and besides it was Halloween and the trio was looking adorable!

Here they are watching big sister's parade.

3 lil dinos + 1 candy corn witch

After our busy morning, lunch, nap and snack, we headed out to the Petaluma Outlets to do some Trick or Treating.  Mommy was so happy daddy left work a few hours early.  We even had time to grab Starbucks! It was perfect for us.  Very slow paced.  Not too, too many people and we were happy to be out as a family.  

 Guess which lil rascal managed to turn herself around even with the strap on?
Not too sure what we are going to do about that...

Once we got home, it was time for daddy day care.  Big sis had a party at 5:30 so I warmed up the trio's dinner and ran out the door.  She did lots of trick or treating.  It was a cold and wet Halloween but it didn't stop us one bit. I can now say I've trick or treated in the pouring rain, with rain boots and an umbrella!

 Will the trio get in on some of the goods next year?  Hmmmnnnnn.....
I'm predicting....YES! Hope your Halloween was as much fun as ours.

Let's hope November is a better blogging month.  After all, it is Prematurity Awareness month and we have a lot to be thankful for!


  1. That looks like it was so much fun!! Also, that wagon is fabulous!! Where did you even get such a thing?? I am 22 weeks with my 2nd set of twins and that looks like it might come in handy :)

  2. The three little dinos sitting in their "eggs" is just too cute. What a fun idea! And, your candy corn witch is just precious too.

  3. So cute! :o) Great job, mama! It is definitely hard to blog with three. You did it! :o) We still didn't do anything this year. Maybe next year we'll be brave enough to take the trio out...maybe. :o)