Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween 2011

Happy Halloween!!!
We were so grateful to have two of our favorite nurses babysit the trio on Saturday nigh so the rest of the crew could go to the Lucas Halloween Party! We still couldn't believe our ex-nurses came to our home! Who would  have ever thought our NICU experience would bring so many wonderful people into our lives.  We are so blessed! Thank you!!

The next day, the trio had its own fun (or torture)!

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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Our first evaluation

We had a physical therapist come out to evaluate the babies last week.
All three will qualify for the Early Start Infant Program through SELPA (Special Education Local Plan Area). Our therapist will be coming to work with them once a week for at least six months.  The babies will definitely benefit from this;  and overall, it's a great thing.

So why was I an emotional mess?  It all came back to me.
They were born 15 weeks early.  I've known that they are going to have developmental delays.  But somehow I was reminded once again of their rough beginning to life.  Not that I will ever forget, but our entire NICU experience flashed in front of me.  They had to grow and develop outside the womb.
The way they looked the first few days.  Their skin was so fragile, we could not touch them without worrying if their skin would rub off or break.

The first month or so was extremely hard.  I never knew what each day would bring.  It was rare that all three of them would have a good day on the same day.  I would walk in and look at all their stats.  Their heart rate, saturation level, ventilator settings and ask for their blood gas numbers.  Their condition was critical.  They were very sick babies.  This was my life for over 3 months.

I look at them now, and they are perfect.  I can't believe how healthy they have been since we have been home.  I was wishing they were the exception.  They are starting to smile, and trying so hard to lift their little heads up. 

The therapist pointed out what milestones needed to be met.  All of their motor skills are a bit delayed.  She said even for their adjusted age (2 months) they were lagging a bit behind, which is to be expected.

I know this is not a bad thing.  I am grateful that they will get the help they need to thrive even more.  But having triplets brings little or no downtime that I sometimes forget how much further they have to go.  It will definitely be  a good thing to have someone else track their development because most of the time I can't remember what happened yesterday.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Our first adventure~Old Adobe Pumpkin Patch

I can't believe we went on an outing! I must have been feeling a bit adventurous because it was my idea to take the whole crew to a pumpkin patch last week.  Soon after we woke up, we agreed to try...

This meant we had to be ready to go as soon as the 3rd baby was done with the 3rd feeding of the day, fully burped and dressed.
It took a lot of planning, coordinating and many trips up and down the stairs.
A couple of things threw us off:  Big sis had gotten a booster chair for the car and it had been sitting in the garage for almost a week.  Daddy had to put it in before we this time, all the babies were ready and strapped in, so the screaming began and continued for awhile.  I tried swinging them in the car seat but no luck.  We took them all trying to comfort them, so then had to start the whole process of getting them in the car seats again!  Then mommy had to pump, that always puts us behind schedule but I have to keep up with it.

When we finally arrived, all 3 babies were asleep!

It wasn't too long before baby Marcos woke up! He did not want to stay in his car seat so we all had to take turns holding him. The other two were pretty relaxed in their car seats.  I briefly had checked the weather, a nice sunny day in the high 70's meant short sleeved clothing for the trio plus their blankets.  Well, I didn't anticipate it being windy and breezy in the shade.  No good for three little babies.  

Being out with the trio and big sis was tough.  Feeling torn is the hardest thing.  There was a lot I could not do with Isabella; at times, one, two or all three babies needed my attention.  Somehow we survived it.  We got a lot of stares and congratulations and the smile on Isabella's face was worth it!  And I am actually in some of the pictures!

This is as close as we came to taking a picture of everyone...grandma holding Marcos, while Sofia and Carlitos chill in their car seats.

Couldn't have done it without Grandma's help!

And here is an extra special pic...just in time for Mommy & Me Monday.
Three generations, my mom and I holding babies and big sis, Isabella.

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Five months ago

Five months ago, I was 25 weeks pregnant
Then my water broke
On May 17, 2011, you three came into the world

Scared out of our minds, we prayed and prayed for a miracle...

These are the first pictures that were taken of the trio.  
Unfortunately,we are not sure of who is who.

Triplet A: Carlos Alberto Sanchez, 1 lb 4.1 oz
Triplet B:  Marcos Alberto Sanchez, 1 lb 4.8 oz
Triplet C:  Sofia Maria Sanchez,  1 lb 2.3 oz

Happy Five Months to the three of you! And thank you for being the fighters that you are!

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Post surgery

Here we are waiting...waiting...waiting...for the anesthesiologist and nurses to take my boy to the operating room to treat ROP with laser surgery in his eye.

Mama liked the gown, Daddy not so much.

 Who would ever think this baby weighed 1.4 oz at birth?

 The surgery was a success!  They treated both eyes and my little guy came back from the operating room extubated and hungry.  He was allowed to eat and hour after surgery and no IV was necessary!
This has been the smoothest surgery yet!

We were lucky to be admitted back to the NICU where he spent 98 days instead of Pediatrics.
He had some of our favorite nurses care for him and it was one big reunion.
Everyone is so impressed with his progress! And mama couldn't be happier.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Laser Surgery for Marcos

Here is my Big Guy!
Your are so cute and I love your cheeks!

I'm so sorry mommy almost lost it yesterday, but you were so fussy and so was your brother.
I hate not knowing what's wrong.
Maybe you were getting nervous for today, or maybe you could sense a bit of my anxiety about your eye surgery, everyone screaming and big sis needing attention.  
Many times I feel like screaming!!

May God bless you today and everyone in that operating room.
Marcos, along with brother and sister, were diagnosed with ROP.
Carlitos and Sofie had their laser surgery towards the end of their NICU stay.
Their surgeries were a success
Marcos was able to get away without it then, but unfortunately the activity in his eyes has not stopped, and it is now his turn.
I will miss you so much tonight if you have to be admitted!  

Baby clothes

Being a mama of four is super busy!
There is always something to do! Most of the time someone is always awake and needing something.  Last week, I had a chance to take some pics. We are having lots of fun being able to use some of big sister's baby clothes....finally!

Five years ago....
Isabella Maria
8 weeks old

This was one of my favorite outfits.  I remember buying it and I remember loving it every time Isabella wore it, so I am happy to say the Palm Tree Pajama is back! 

Here is Sofia Maria wearing big sister's PJ's, 

Sofia Maria
6 weeks adjusted or 4 1/2 months old

Isabella Maria
12 weeks

Do you see a resemblance?

Monday, October 10, 2011

Mommy and Me Monday-Looking back

It's Mommy and Me Monday!!
And the one thing I do regret about this whole NICU experience is NOT taking enough pictures!
July 2, 2011
Holding Marcos wearing c-pap or si-pap in the NICU
everything kind of a big blur

July 8, 2011
Big sis holds Sofia for the first time

Mommy holds Marcos and Sofia at the same time

August 12, 2011
Mommy holding Marcos on one of the first few days with nothing on his face!

Marcos and Sofia came home 11 days later!

Really need to get a pic of holding all three babies, or should I say all four....

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