Saturday, June 30, 2012

Crawling Sofie, swimming class and more!

Last Thursday, turned out to be a happy and joyous day.  Sofia is crawling!! Now I know all micro preemie mamas can share my excitement! Watching them meet these milestones is truly amazing!  Every day is a miracle but when your baby spends almost 100 days in the hospital, it's hard not to let those negative thoughts in...those scary what if's?
But she is crawling!!!! At 13 months and a few days! Not bad, not bad at all.  Her physical therapist will be so happy.
Here she is.  Keep in mind this is right before bed time, she is trying to get the baby wipes.

I know her brothers are right behind her.
And then...well, I don't even want to think about what our days will be like.
Such a great and blessed day.
It didn't start off so positive. As a matter of fact,  I almost gave myself an anxiety attack.  Big Sis had her scheduled swim class and I had no help lined up. I usually have someone stay with the babies so I can take her or have someone take her for me. Well, things didn't work out yesterday which meant 1) She would miss her class or 2) I take all of them.  Of course I went for number 2.  I seriously was panicking. The attention that we sometimes get in our big triplet stroller is a bit much. I pictured myself maneuvering the stroller, moving lawn chairs and tables and having to hold doors open by myself.  The more I thought about it the more I worried.  What if Big Sis had to go to the bathroom? Not really able to run her in and out with the trio.  I was certain the stroller would fit through the double doors but definitely not thru the bathroom door.  Then there was the issue of their 3:30 bottle.  Class is at 3:30 as well... Do I feed before we go? Or an hour later? Or do it on the go? Luckily I called one of Big Sister's babysitter's to come with us and she was available. RELIEF! Our outing was a success.  Only Carlos took the early bottle. Sofia threw it at me.  And Marcos had no interest.  Our babysitter, I., was so helpful, holding doors, moving chairs and tables and unloading babies.  I was even able to take some video of big sis learning to swim.  Isabella was able to go in the hot tub and the babies happily sat in their stroller. Marcos and Sofie took their bottle at 3:45, they are my schedule babies for sure! We could have done without the wind.  Marcos's eyes get very teary outside, and yesterday Carlos also had some tears.  They both seemed a bit uncomfortable. This reminds me...we had an eye appointment on Monday.  Everything went well.  Their eyes are looking good after having had laser surgery due to ROP.  All are farsighted, which is how babies should be at their age.  I shared with the doctor my concern about Marcos's eye always tearing outside.  He suggested I massage Marcos's tear ducts.  There is a possibility that they are clogged and if this does not resolve itself then it is another procedure for my little guy.  AAAAGGGGGHHHH! Not what I wanted to hear, especially when massaging the corner of his eye is not going so well.  He fights it each time.
But for now here are some pics!

The trio watching sissy swim

 Marcos...have been trying to get a pic of his teeth all week!
 Teething x 3 deserves its own post!
 Carlitos's tooth

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