Thursday, August 30, 2012

Happy Homecoming Carlitos!


You were free to come home to our family on August 27, 2011! What a happy day that was! 
Our Party of Six was finally together...outside of a hospital.
I think I will always have some guilt for not visiting you in the ICN for 3 entire days!! 
You see, Marcos and Sofia were free a few days before you....I had every intention of going back, but you brother and sister had other plans.
Please know I called the hospital A LOT! All your nurses can tell you I called at least once every shift.  
We were so lucky and blessed to have some very good nurses that loved and cared for you.  
Nurse Jackie, Nurse Isabel, Nurse Maritess, 
Nurse Janelle, Nurse Monica and Nurse Cynthia are just a few!
I was assured so many times that you were getting lots and lots of cuddles.  We all couldn't wait to see you, hold you, smell you, kiss you and finally take you home.  There was no way you were staying behind.  Your last 2 weeks you showed so much strength and determination.  You were my sickest little one but you fought hard! You surprised us all, coming home with no oxygen, and diaphragm paralysis?? what is that?!? Yay!! Happy times!  

Here we are a year later...First you learned to roll over then sit alone, then you learned how to move around on your bottom....then came the scooting around and crawling on one knee, and now you are full blown crawling! You are pulling up and standing and learning how to not get stuck standing up.  
You are waving and clapping and this past Saturday you were so excited for you snack that you said "Ka ke" (cracker).  Your official first word besides mamamama! 
You smile at everyone and are becoming quite the flirt.  You are so social and love to play with Marcos and Sofia and of course Isabella.  You seek their attention many times and you love to play with them, especially in the mornings when you all wake up.  I love hearing you laugh.  
You are also very good at playing on your own and you are currently my most independent little one. You are also quite sensitive when little sissy Sofie takes toys away. 
Oh that cry, when you cry, you cry LOUDLY.  
You are starting to take toys away from your siblings and we like it when you put up a good fight. 
You are a risk taker and your physical therapist thinks I'm in for trouble when you start walking and I just can't wait to see you take your first steps....
ummm, well maybe I can wait just a little bit! 
We love you!

Happy Late Homecoming Day!!
A little late, only because teething x 3 is no fun at all!


  1. Happy Homecoming Carlos! So cute.

  2. What a year! Congratulations on the homecoming anniversary.

  3. Hooray for Carlos! What a wonderful day that must have been. Congrats on a successful year!