Monday, February 11, 2013

Making Valentines

Last year, we made heart crayons for Isabella's Valentines...

This year...trying to plan ahead... 
I did my Pinterest search for Valentines Day early (or I thought)...

Perhaps you've seen these Valentines "You Rock" or the "You are Alright"

 So cute! 
I didn't want to give Big Sis too many ideas or she'd have a hard time deciding or want me to keep searching...and yes she knows what Google is!
I was kind of excited, these were so cute and we wouldn't be handing out candy hehehe...but then one night she says, "Mom we don't have to do those, we can just come up with our own design!!"

And just like that my Pinterest bubble was busted!  I even offered to buy them!! How easy would that be?

But the excitement in her eyes convinced me to let her "design" her own Valentine.
We even took a trip to Michael's with the trio in the choo choo wagon last Monday.
Timing was perfect because that very same day we got the info that we needed 29 Valentine's.  She was responsible for writing her friends' names and signing her own.  We were warned to start right away!

So instead we folded, she wrote, we stamped and stuck stickers on...

I think the fun lasted one or two days, then they became a chore.  Luckily letting her pick out the treat for her friends over the weekend brought back the excitement.  

We still have 11 more to do...And someday we'll have about 90 to do! 

Thursday, February 7, 2013


Our coloring is still lasting a whole five minutes before they start eating the crayons or markers!
We are trying so hard to make it part of our everyday routine but frustration sometimes gets the best of me.
You see the babies are going to be TWO in May! And though they are doing great, they still are lagging behind in some areas.  It could be the preemie thing...(25 weekers) lacking interest and fine motor skills...or the triplet thing...lacking one on one time, or also knows as only ONE mommy and four kids.  
Maybe their personality ...who knows!?!
But look at these scribbles! (The pink ones!)
Marcos did those all by himself!!
And this mama is proud!  
One of the four might just follow in daddy's footsteps!

Monday, February 4, 2013


The best thing ever 
taking the family to a fenced baseball field 

They don't have this kind of freedom at home.  They still continue to be confined to a pretty big playroom.  We are not sure how much longer we will be able to pull this they are constantly banging at the gates and finding things to climb on.  We let them walk to the table when its time to eat and walk to get their diaper changed.  Most of the time they are holding someone's hand.  The thought of baby proofing the entire house at this point is overwhelming.  I think its impossible, especially when Isabella's stuff is always nearby and living in a tri-level home with 3 sets of huge stairs.
 So for now we'll be at the baseball field!