Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Our new schedule

Super tired! I don't think that will end anytime soon.
I miss blogging. I miss time to blog.
The kiddos have transitioned to one nap. Change is hard. We had it good.
From March through August or (10-14 months actual age) our days looked a bit like this:

Wake around 6
Bottle around 6:45
Breakfast at 8:30
Nap at 9
Up at 10:30
Bottle 11:30ish
Lunch 1
Nap 1:30-2ish
Up at 2:30-3
Bottle 3:30
Dinner 5
Baths 5:45
Bottle and bedtime 6:30

Well, they weren't having it anymore, both morning and afternoon naps began to get shorter and shorter and included more crying than what I am comfortable with. So in efforts to get a longer nap...we had to play with the schedule quite a bit. Lots of trial and error days.
This week marks week 3 and I think we have it down.

6-6:30 Wake
6:45-7 Wake
8:30 Breakfast
11 Snack and bottle
11:30 to 1:00 nap (on a really good day)
1:30 lunch
3:30 Bottle
5 Dinner
5:45 Baths
6:30 Bottle and bedtime

There you have it.  In case I ever forget what my days were like, I'll be glad I wrote it down.  Sometimes naps are only 45 minutes.  But this schedule will allow me to pick up Isabella from first grade. First grade!! Sometimes I can't believe it.

Anxiously awaiting the big "due date".  The trio's adjusted first birthday is August 28.  Still thinking about how we will celebrate.  Next week the three have their 15 month check up.  I'm sure the doctor will suggest that I give whole milk a try again, and curious to see their weight gain now that they are eating more table foods.  I wouldn't mind getting rid of a bottle but I think they still need it.  This Thursday, Carlitos is getting tubes put in.  Here we go again....hospital trip, anesthesia, the whole works but thankfully it's an outpatient procedure and the doctor is predicting we will be home by noon.

I guess its a short nap day....they are all awake and my time is up. Pictures to come soon.

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  1. Yes, you will be glad you wrote it down...I was trying to figure out a schedule for E and had to ask my friends because I didn't remember:)