Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Sickness x 3!

It's been a crazy few days! Not too much time for anything...Remember this post
Well we are starting week 3 of sickness.  
I was sick.  
Dad was sick.  
Taking care of babies while having to blow your nose is super hard.  And my hands are so dry from all the hand sanitizer.  I think this is how it went...Isabella, Marcos, Carlos and Sofie, Mom, Dad, still Marcos and now Sofie and Carlos again!!
It hasn't been too too bad now that I'm finally feeling better.  I'm thankful that its only been some coughing and some wheezing because I know it can be worse, much worse on their preemie lungs.  Isabella lasted a week, the week of Thanksgiving.  Luckily she was able to go back to school and her cough is completely gone.
Marcos still has it.  My poor guy! And he is such a trooper!  Look at him during his breathing treatment!

 It totally relaxes him! Could he be having NICU flashbacks?

Sofia and Carlos had a little cough around the same time but nothing major.  I thought we actually got away with them not getting it too bad.  I was wrong.  They've been wheezing since Saturday.  Back to the doctor we all went yesterday.  Can I tell you how much work it is to get these three loaded up and out of the house? I only had a couple of hours notice.  Such a process.  Our pedi would rather be safe than sorry so she wanted to see all three again.  My heart pounds when they measure their oxygen level.  All three were in the high 90's.  Thank God.  All these doctor visits are so exhausting, physically and mentally.  My Mr. Big Guy (aka Marcos) is now on prednisolone for a few days.  All three are on pulmacort for the entire winter and for now it's albuterol every 4 hours until the wheezing and coughing is completely gone, thankfully not at night unless they need it. Umm yeah, just a little overwhelmed because now we have to work this in to the somewhat schedule we have.  All of this is resulting in very little time to do anything else.

Here is Sofie Pots also known as Sofie Pants with Tita.  She is the one that fights it the most.

 Funny how things change. Bella was almost 2 when she started having asthma symptoms.  Back then, I thought it was so much to handle.  You can read about it here. Now, it doesn't phase me too much.  As long as it's not a c-pap, si-pap, nasal canula or a tube down their throat, I'll be okay.  How things have changed, or how I have grown....that's it for now!


  1. Sorry to hear about this but glad everyone is hanging in there. You seemed to have an amazing attitude about it all. Hope everyone feels better soon!

  2. Oh my goodness. I can't imagine all the work it takes for you to get to the Dr! Praying you all get better and heal up quick!