Monday, November 21, 2011

Doctor, Doctor

I'm kind of freaking out a bit! I think the trio is getting sick! This could mean really bad news for this mama.  I'm trying to stay calm, I know the hubby thinks I'm over reacting but let me tell you that I've been cringing each time big sis coughs.  It started a few days ago, a few sniffles here and there but now it has developed into one of her full blown asthma episodes.  This mama is way too familiar with the nebulizer, pulmacort and albuterol and I think I might just lose it if the trio gets sick.

I've heard my little guys cough, little coughs but it's still a cough! And Mr. Big Boy (aka Marcos) was not himself in the eating department.  He can down 4 oz and want more in 2 to 3 hours but not today, he's been snacking all day long, 2 ounces here and there and boy was he fussy.  And little Carlitos sounds a little stuffy to me...about three times today, I took of his shirt and stared hard at his chest. I get so nervous sometimes, I'm not too sure I know what I'm looking for but maybe his breathing was a little bit different.

Have I mentioned I was so looking forward to this week?  This was the week I have been waiting for!  The trio has been home for almost 3 months and can you believe this was going to be the first week I did not have a doctor's appointment scheduled? I'm sure only because of the holiday cuz they start back up next week.  Every week they have been home, I have visited one, sometimes two or three doctor offices.  Some days it was weight checks while other days ROP checks or hearing tests.  This was going to be my week, my week off from appointments but we can all guess who I will be calling in the morning.  Say a little prayer for us.  I am terrified of RSV and I don't think it is humanly possible to take the three and big sis at the same time.  I might just have to split up the party and make two trips to the doctor. FUN!


  1. Just said a little prayer for your sweet babies. So sorry that you had to give up your appointment free week (I know how precious and few those are!) But I also know how stressful worrying about RSV is, so it might ease your mind to take your muchkins in...if anything, so that YOU feel better. :)

  2. I will pray! I agree with everything Sarah said... although I can't even imagine the production is takes for you to take your little ones in for a "simple" Dr. visit!