Saturday, December 31, 2011

Christmas 2011

Our Christmas Post.

I know its New Year's Eve, but I am so behind.  If I don't do it today, it will never get done.

No Christmas Eve party. No trip to the grandparents this year.   A big change for us.  This is our first Christmas away from family and friends since we moved to CA in July of 2010.
I guess it's time to start new traditions.  Sometimes tough for me.
But I am so glad Big Sis and I made it to church on Christmas Eve.  Realistically, what could we have done with three fussy babies.  I think they might have been a bit overstimulated and also adjusting to formula resulting in a no nap unless they are held kind of day.
We didn't even shower.  
We did have a great time opening presents. Isabella was patient.  She woke up excited to get it going.  However, the babies had to be fed, etc...we even managed to hold her off and had her eat a few bites of cereal.  I will have to remember this because I often think she lacks patience but Christmas morning was different.  She was also in a great mood, willing to hand out and open our presents. Absolutely no selfishness!! So proud of her.

After the presents, which took a very long was pretty much holding, feeding, burping and changing tons of diapers while Isabella played with her new toys. We did manage to put a ham in the oven, make some home made mac n cheese and bake a pumpkin pie.  Too bad we all had to eat at different times.
Here are some of the highlights:

The trio all dressed up:



  1. There are 12 days of Christmas so you aren't late with your post :)

    You did a great job capturing a wonderful day!

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

  2. The pics are so cute. Brenna got that same Barbie Jet for Christmas. Too bad you couldn't all eat together. I remember eating in shifts last year too. Babies don't care what day it is. They want to be fed on their schedule! Happy New Year to you all!