Thursday, December 1, 2011

Student of the Week

Big sis is student of the week!!!
She was required to bring a poster with pictures of her along with something for the estimate jar, she picked 19 legos!  She gets to sit next to her teacher all week long, she'll be the line leader and will be in charge of getting the milk for snack time!
Luckily she reminded me this past weekend or I would have felt horrible!
While some of the babies napped and with Tita's help, we were able to put her poster together on Sunday morning.
So glad I did not wait another minute...
There was absolutely no yelling and I am so proud of myself for letting her do most of the work.
She picked out her pictures, she picked out the colors, and she wrote all the words in her best Kinder writing.  Can you say lots of patience?? Especially now that I am used to rushing through everything I do.  Thank you babies for giving us this time! 

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