Saturday, November 12, 2011

My Saturday morning

I love it when one of the babies wakes up before the other two and before Big Sis.

Today it was Carlitos.  He started waking while I was pumping. I had the hubby go in and get him before he woke up the others.  He hung out next to daddy for quite awhile.  Daddy went back to sleep. Carlitos played by himself. I kept pumping. The first am pumping session is a long one, we're talking like 40 min for about 16 oz of breast milk. When I was done, I got back in bed and chatted with my lil guy, even cuddled with daddy for only a few seconds before he started fussing.

I was about to get a bottle ready when thankfully I thought, let's nurse, not sure how much he will get but it's worth a try.  It doesn't happen very often, they mostly get expressed milk in a bottle.  He had a hard time latching on, he was mad and squirmy and I'm pretty sure I was more on the empty side; but, I just kept switching from side to side until he drifted away to dreamland.  My camera was nearby and managed to get these shots.

Carlitos was my sickest one in the NICU.  He was on a ventilator for about 2 1/2 months, maybe even longer.  He was the last one to receive breast milk through a feeding tube due to medications.  The last to nurse.  He didn't get as much mommy time so I'm always amazed at the fact that he can do it.  He is quite good at it when he wants to be.

This morning we got some good cuddling time.  There is not enough of that around here.  One of the downfalls of having multiples.  I always feel like we gotta rush through it all.  Awake, diaper change, feed, burp, and pray they go back to sleep.  Then it starts back up again.  After awhile I put Carlitos in the swing.  I knew chaos was about to begin.  It is getting a bit easier as they get older.  We are noticing a lot more awake time, and happy awake time is the best.  Lots of smiles, and cooing.  We love it.  Great way to start the weekend.


  1. I am so impressed that you are pumping given all that you have on your plate. I admire your commitment. I don't know how you do it all. Do you ever sleep? Great photos of Carlitos.....what a cutie pie.

  2. sweet that you got some one on one time...cuddles and nursing! Yay.