Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Great morning!

Daylight savings started yesterday.  Being from AZ, the only state that doesn't participate, it is a pretty crazy concept for us.  The day started a little out of whack, with us not really knowing what time it was and the kids, all 4 of them, waking up around the same time.  So glad it happened on a Sunday and not a weekday.  The day dragged on and on.  To me it felt like it should be later than it was. Daylight savings or not...I think we are turning a corner, reaching a milestone!!!! The boys had a bottle around 6:30pm, and did not need another one until 1am!! 1am!!  And I think they were both asleep by 8:30ish last night.  Sofia is still getting her tummy aches (gas/colic/who knows) but she took a good amount around 8ish and also lasted til 1am!!! We are so very ecstatic!! It gets better. Then after the 1am feeding and lots of burping, they all went down and started waking at 6am!! 6am!! I am doing a happy dance! I was waiting for them to get up, I even pumped prior to them waking! And all three slept in their cribs, the whole time!

We've had a hard time getting them to sleep on their backs so they have all been sleeping in the 
Fisher Price Newborn Rock n Play Sleeper...it looks like this:

But last night, they liked their cribs.  They looked so cute, three babies, three cribs.  And to top it off,big sister woke up in a good mood.
Her sweetness is often hit or miss these days,but it was a very pleasant morning.

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  1. Your babies are adorable!! And your grown daughter (cause I know how much kids hate still being referred to as babies). I have such hope that I would be fortunate as you one day.
    Just stopping by to say thanks for visiting me on my SITS day yesterday!!