Friday, November 11, 2011

Flashback Friday-Sofia

Taken July 2, 2011

Big Sister is off from school today (Veteran's Day) so I thought I would post this picture of her visiting Little Sister while still in the NICU.  Big Sis was a trooper throughout the NICU stay.  She was shuffled around from friend to babysitter to extra hours at preschool.  It was tough on everyone.  On weekends, she went with us and after spending a few minutes with her siblings, she would be ready to watch movies.  I was finally happy that she could watch television all day long and be entertained.  The nurses often commented on how great she was.  She was so quiet, as if there was no 4 year old sitting in the corner.  We had a great set up that included her own princess chair, her portable DVD player and backpack full of stuff to do.  Most days, movies was all we needed.
I will have to look for the picture the nurses took....
People often ask me what the hardest thing is about having response is not having enough time for my five year old and hearing her say it. 
I love you Isabella and I promise this will get easier for all of us!


  1. Such a sweet post! I imagine it must be tough for a 5 year old to go from being an only chid to having 3 infant siblings. I have 6 kids and for me the hardest by far was going from 1 to 2 because I had to get use to not giving all of my attention to my oldest.

  2. Sometimes I feel the same way about my oldest daughter. She is such a great kid! My biggest piece of advice is to let her be as involved as possible. I let Madison pick out clothes for her sisters and help feed them, etc. I also make sure that we do all of the normal things we would do if we didn't have twins. All the holiday fun stuff is a little harder, but it is important to build those memories with her. I also try to take her with me when I go out to run errands. If dad is home with the babies, I will take her with me so she gets a little one on one time. Good luck, I am sure you are doing a wonderful job balancing all of your babies :)

  3. Angelica, you are so right. All of us at Kaiser were amazed at what a sweet sister the triplets had. She is so darn cute and behaved so well for a long time. Even without multiples Mom's fight to make sure that every child feels special. Just by seeing how much you are aware of Isabella's needs lets me know you will do a great job being the Mommy she wants and needs. XOXOX