Saturday, October 15, 2011

Post surgery

Here we are waiting...waiting...waiting...for the anesthesiologist and nurses to take my boy to the operating room to treat ROP with laser surgery in his eye.

Mama liked the gown, Daddy not so much.

 Who would ever think this baby weighed 1.4 oz at birth?

 The surgery was a success!  They treated both eyes and my little guy came back from the operating room extubated and hungry.  He was allowed to eat and hour after surgery and no IV was necessary!
This has been the smoothest surgery yet!

We were lucky to be admitted back to the NICU where he spent 98 days instead of Pediatrics.
He had some of our favorite nurses care for him and it was one big reunion.
Everyone is so impressed with his progress! And mama couldn't be happier.

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