Thursday, October 13, 2011

Laser Surgery for Marcos

Here is my Big Guy!
Your are so cute and I love your cheeks!

I'm so sorry mommy almost lost it yesterday, but you were so fussy and so was your brother.
I hate not knowing what's wrong.
Maybe you were getting nervous for today, or maybe you could sense a bit of my anxiety about your eye surgery, everyone screaming and big sis needing attention.  
Many times I feel like screaming!!

May God bless you today and everyone in that operating room.
Marcos, along with brother and sister, were diagnosed with ROP.
Carlitos and Sofie had their laser surgery towards the end of their NICU stay.
Their surgeries were a success
Marcos was able to get away without it then, but unfortunately the activity in his eyes has not stopped, and it is now his turn.
I will miss you so much tonight if you have to be admitted!  


  1. Hope everything went well with the surgery.

  2. What a cutie...I hope the surgery is quick and easy.

  3. Glad you're home now, Marcos! But we miss holding you. You have no idea how we took turns holding you during your one night stay in the NICU. :)