Monday, October 17, 2011

Our first adventure~Old Adobe Pumpkin Patch

I can't believe we went on an outing! I must have been feeling a bit adventurous because it was my idea to take the whole crew to a pumpkin patch last week.  Soon after we woke up, we agreed to try...

This meant we had to be ready to go as soon as the 3rd baby was done with the 3rd feeding of the day, fully burped and dressed.
It took a lot of planning, coordinating and many trips up and down the stairs.
A couple of things threw us off:  Big sis had gotten a booster chair for the car and it had been sitting in the garage for almost a week.  Daddy had to put it in before we this time, all the babies were ready and strapped in, so the screaming began and continued for awhile.  I tried swinging them in the car seat but no luck.  We took them all trying to comfort them, so then had to start the whole process of getting them in the car seats again!  Then mommy had to pump, that always puts us behind schedule but I have to keep up with it.

When we finally arrived, all 3 babies were asleep!

It wasn't too long before baby Marcos woke up! He did not want to stay in his car seat so we all had to take turns holding him. The other two were pretty relaxed in their car seats.  I briefly had checked the weather, a nice sunny day in the high 70's meant short sleeved clothing for the trio plus their blankets.  Well, I didn't anticipate it being windy and breezy in the shade.  No good for three little babies.  

Being out with the trio and big sis was tough.  Feeling torn is the hardest thing.  There was a lot I could not do with Isabella; at times, one, two or all three babies needed my attention.  Somehow we survived it.  We got a lot of stares and congratulations and the smile on Isabella's face was worth it!  And I am actually in some of the pictures!

This is as close as we came to taking a picture of everyone...grandma holding Marcos, while Sofia and Carlitos chill in their car seats.

Couldn't have done it without Grandma's help!

And here is an extra special pic...just in time for Mommy & Me Monday.
Three generations, my mom and I holding babies and big sis, Isabella.

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  1. Love all the group shots! I imagine it's quite the adventure to get everybody ready. Hopefully, you all had a great time.