Tuesday, January 29, 2013

The 100th day of school

Last week a good friend of mine gave me a good laugh.  
She teaches kinder and told me how she put baby powder in her hair on her 100th day of school.  
Then she asked about Isabella's.  I hadn't heard much of it yet.  Sure enough...a couple of days later, Isabella got assigned her biggest project yet for first grade.  A collection of 100 items grouped in 5s and 10's.

I won't lie...my first reaction was, You have to be kidding me! Who has time for this?! Soon followed by "We'll have to make three projects when the trio is her age!"

So here it is...after a long but healthy week, our Friday and Saturday night...Dad cut out our big heart while Isabella and I collected, arranged and pasted.  She came up with the big Valentine idea and the tissue paper all by herself!  It turned out to be lots of fun and some good quality Bella time.

I love how this girly girl finished up her project quickly Saturday night so she could still watch a Star Wars movie with Dad!!

And here she on Monday morning.  Definitely not a morning person!

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