Thursday, January 31, 2013

Peaceful Moments

Books are bringing a sense of peace and quiet as long as they haven't seen them in a few hours.
They are going in their mouths less and less! 

Marcos enjoying reading books.

 Sofia reading.

And a big OH NO! I THINK this is Marcos but not 100% sure.  This is what happens when I dress them very similar and then take a few days to upload the pics. Unfortunately I didn't take another pic to help me figure it out. Sorry boys!

Marcos (or Carlos) petting Mickey.

These pics are quite peaceful, but very far from everyday living.  This morning Marcos was getting really rough with Carlos in a not playing kind of way.  Ok, he was beating him up.  Marcos has been getting more and more aggressive and we are trying our best to redirect our sweet boy.  
Perhaps the teething...or lack of language...but this too shall pass, we hope quickly.

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