Monday, July 2, 2012

Stamping with Bella

Most of my posts are about the trio but this one will focus on Big Sis.  My special big girl. She is off from school, we have survived one month, only about 6 more weeks to go. I won't lie, its been a bit rough. Taking care of the three takes a lot of physical energy, while Bella requires much of my brain. We have done our best and continue to do so.  I often feel guilty about what the micro preemie trio experience has done to her. She has handled it so well.  But I wish I could give her more of me. She still needs her mommy. I try and remind myself of this often.
I wish her comments like "No one likes me, no one is paying attention to me, not fair, you are nicer to the babies..." and on and on would not get to me as much as they do.  Sometimes I find myself feeling angry and other days just plain hurt.  I explain to her we are doing the best we can and I know she gets it but she is still only five.  Most days are okay.  I even get the "You are the best mommy in the world" and I really love it when she says "You are amazing because you take care of me and three babies." 
Love my girl, even when she makes me feel a little bit crazy.

The other day Isabella and I had a great day. During morning nap, we worked on some stamping and writing.  I am realizing summer is speeding by and activities to improve her writing have been so few.  For some reason, using the word journal is a big turn off these days. I'm having to get creative super creative. We stamped some bunnies, bears, butterflies and balloons while she wrote out the words in her best kinder (almost 1st grade) writing.  

We both had fun and the rest of the day seemed to flow a lot smoother than others. If only I could do it every day...maybe I will.  Picture time.

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  1. Keep up the great work. Bella is a delightful little girl and blessed to have you for her mommy. Big hugs super mama!