Monday, July 16, 2012

Sunday Fun Day!

Sunday was family fun day and full of many firsts. 
We were all in the car by 9:40 am. 
I didn't pump or put my make up in in car. Two of my not so favorite things to do. 
We headed to Howarth Park in Santa Rosa, we were there early and got a great parking spot. 
Our day included the trio's first ride down the slide on big sister's lap, our first train ride as a family and sofias first swing ride. 
Sofie and Carlos also rode the merry go round while big boy Marcos decided to take a nap. 
We enjoyed our picnic and watching Isabella run through the splash pad. 
Today was also the first time I wasn't worried about a schedule. 
We are getting really good at outings, they are so strategically planned and the schedule almost happens naturally.  And if someone decides not to follow it, then oh well, they somehow get back on it.  
The only bad thing about today...the battery on my phone died and I only got a few pictures.  Oh and I can't forget the stranger who offered to hold a triplet as we were getting settled in the train.  The triplet attention we get will soon need its own post!


  1. Love the pictures with big sis sliding with each baby. So sweet! It looks like your lives are starting to become more normal - or as normal as it can be with an older sibling and 3 babies!

  2. So fun! Great job on the outings.