Wednesday, May 16, 2012

One post way overdue

In April before illness number who knows what began, the hubby and I got a much needed break!  We had amazing babysitters, three of our NICU nurses came to visit and watched the babies, while Isabella went to the city with my sister who was visiting from Arizona.  It felt like a real date! A nice, quiet and relaxing lunch, some good wine later followed by a good cup of joe.  Thank you nurse Jacqui, Jen and Monica!!

We loved our team of nurses. One of the many blessings since the babies were born. We often felt like the trio had their own dream team who took care of them.  We started with three different teams of primary nurses and as the trio got bigger, healthier, started co-bedding and closer to discharge our teams merged.
This always kept me guessing who would take care of the three.  I even heard rumors that the nurses would try to sign up for them, and they would take turns.  It was the greatest feeling knowing that our babies were well cared for and loved.  And now we are so lucky to have quite a few of them visit once in awhile.  I love it!
As happy as I was to have all three babies home, it was weird not seeing our nurses and visiting the hospital every day.  I think well into month 2 of our NICU stay, we had a pretty good routine, I knew what my day would look like everyday starting with the long commute. Visiting our babies in the hospital became our norm.  It makes me so happy to still see our nurses.  We love the entire ICN staff at Kaiser San Francisco and our babies would not be here without them. I can't believe this micro preemie triplet journey began exactly one year ago (tomorrow).

Some pics of their day:

Previous visit with Nurse Jacqui and Nurse Monica back in November:
 I think Sofia was sleeping...
And our most recent visit..thank you ladies! My massage was wonderful.


  1. NICU nurses are amazing!! I know ours will always be a part of our family :) Glad you got to get out!

  2. Angelica I know I speak for us all when I say that it is so easy to love you and all of your babies! Your family was one we all looked forward to caring for...we are lucky as nurses to be allowed to be part of such a precious time in our families lives. While all of the sweet babies we care for stay in our hearts, some of those families, like the Sanchez Party of Six :) hold an extra-special place! Can's wait to see you and celebrate ONE YEAR OLD! XOXOXO

  3. I love Kaiser SF nurses too!!!! So glad you got some time to yourselves!