Friday, May 18, 2012

Flasback Friday~Birthday edition

We had a great day yesterday! I must have sang happy birthday a million times.  I think I spent all day taking pictures and video! Hopefully soon I can upload.  
It has been an emotional week...but in a good way. I thought I would have a harder time on their first birthday but I am feeling at peace with everything we have gone through. I have shed a few tears, especially when I look at this.  But a lot of times, they are happy tears.  Tears of joy, especially when I take a few seconds and just stare at my babies. They are so big and so long. They once fit on my chest, in between my breasts. They were so tiny and now when their heads are on my shoulders, their cute little feet touch my lap!
At times I am speechless, in complete amazement of how far they have come. 
I've been asking big sis if she remembers the day they were born and when she first saw them. Her responses include "They were tiny, their heads were as big as my fist, they were slimy and shiny but they were cute..."

I also asked my mom if she remembered what she thought when my water broke.  Luckily my parents were visiting from AZ.  When we left for the hospital around midnight my mom was also hopeful.  She thought I would stay in the hospital for sure but no one really thought that they would come so early.  When she got the call about my emergency C-section she tells me that her and my dad got on their knees and prayed.  
It was good that they were born while they were here...I don't even want to picture what we would have done if we would have been alone.  Can you imagine Isabella coming with us or me taking an ambulance by myself! Yikes. 

Here is Grandma meeting Carlitos for the first time

And now lots to do for our birthday party on Sunday!

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  1. I love the video! Such a great idea to have that moment captured. So many people don't think to do stuff like that, but I like to reminisce and a video so simple as that one your husband made, immediately put me back in that space of what I was feeling last year. I have short videos from my phone as well as a ton of pictures, but this one is longer and there's that weird silence and annoying beeping machines, I so remember those sounds! I use to sit there and just sit, had absolutely nothing to do but observe and listen, it was weird! I remember sitting there with my hands in the issolete holes touching Kai until it would hurt my arms. Ugh! Sometimes I still can't believe all that even happened in the first place! These kids are such fighters-I love it! Congrats on the first year to your entire family!!!