Monday, June 11, 2012

Summer already?

Is it June already?
Our blog has been on hold for days now. I miss it! Life with triplets is getting easier but trying to keep up with pumping (3 x a day), the house, baby food making and laundry means no time to blog.  We have three sitters and three rollers. Sofia is the most mobile (and loudest) of the bunch! She is also known as the little rascal these days!
Isabella is also out of school, she successfully completed kinder and has accomplished so much.  She is a great reader! We are so proud of her.  Having her home means no down time on the days she has no activities planned.  Towards the end of last week I figured out TV time should be during the babies' nap time so I can play catch up with everything else.

Our summer started with a busy week...last Monday, we had an all day play date with Isabella's besties, twins! I got a feel for what life may be like when the trio is that age. Then we had Isabella's dance recital on Tuesday, a home visit from early learning institute for the three on Wednesday, Marcos got tubes in his ears on Thursday, and physical therapy on Friday. Our week ended with a great birthday party for Josie, another miracle baby that the trio roomed with in the NICU.

Miracle babies reunited!

We are loving warm weather and outings as a family (we've even gone to lunch and eaten sitting down!).  We have also been able to wean albuterol giving me so much more "free time".

But today when I grabbed a little notebook to start a grocery list, I found a few notes from last summer. I tried hard to keep Isabella involved while the trio was in the hospital without sharing too much. A few mornings I would leave before she went off to preschool. I would ask her if she had a message for her brothers and sister that I could pass on and read to them. Here are her responses:

June 7, 2011
You must eat your fruit with a fork and eat potato chips with your hands.
June 8, 2011
You must eat your soup with a spoon and eat your sandwich with your hands.
June 9, 2011
You must always, always, always brush your teeth even if you don't want to. You must pee in the toilet and you can draw pictures for your big sissy. Love, Bella
June 10, 2011
You must always take a bath and go potty if you need to in the toilet, unless you have a diaper or pull up.
June 11, 2011
Wake up Wake up Sofia, Marcos and Carlos.  Big sis says be healthy, be healthy, be healthy.  I hope you feel better Sofie, Marcos and Carlos.  I love you.

My heart is melting!
Life is good. I love my family.

Someday I will post pictures of their birthday and birthday celebration...someday soon I hope.

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  1. I am so happy that things are going smoothly for you and the babes! Thank goodness you remembered to pull out the camera, I was a bit scattered yesterday :) Precious pic of our miracle babes. Bella's notes are so incredibly sweet and funny!

  2. I love the words of wisdom from Bella. Precious! I am amazed that you are still pumping 3x a day. I still pump at work and I am soooooo tired of it. Keep up the great work!

    I probably found Josie's blog from yours - but it wasn't until recently that I realized you knew them from the NICU. How nice that you keep in touch.

    You have a beautiful family and are so blessed!

  3. Those are some awesome words of wisdom.

    So awesome you are pumping for those sweet babies.

    They are getting so big. And, it's only fitting that Sophia is the loudest..she is a girl after all:)