Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Sofia takes a dip

Yep it happened!
Horrible diaper rash due to the antibiotic!
My poor Sofie!
Our weekend was spent airing her out and soaking her bottom.
The funny thing about this picture is the plastic yellow bin...we have about three or maybe four from our NICU stay.  When we were dipping her this weekend, we remembered this is where she used to get her baths in the NICU.  This tub was once too big for her! How far she has come!


  1. Poor baby! Diaper rash is no fun. Josie had a bad one right after she came home. I hope is heals fast! Look at her in that tub (I remember those:)) and look at all those delicious rolls on her thighs and belly... she looks awesome! Your kids have the best chubby cheeks ever!

  2. I LOVE how chubby she is!! Isn't it amazing how far they all have come!! I hope the diaper rash has cleared up. Poor Sofia :(