Monday, April 9, 2012

Our Easter 2012

This had to have been the most laid back Easter in our entire marriage (almost 10 years)!
As laid back as life can be with the trio.  Our Easter activities got kicked off by letting Isabella stay up a bit later on Thursday to bake some Easter cookies...ya know, the easy ones that are already cut and decorated. All she had to do was help me put them on the cookie tray. 
Then Saturday evening, after the babies were asleep we had our first glow in the dark egg hunt (light up bracelets in the plastic eggs...very cool idea thanks to daddy's friend) and we colored some eggs.  Isabella had a great time, and so did we. 

We stayed home all day on Easter Sunday.  We missed going to church but we are not ready to take the trio just yet.  We are actually wondering how and when that will actually happen.  We played with the idea of going somewhere outdoors for a nice lunch.  Tia Gina (my sister) is visiting and we thought she could handle a baby and/or Isabella if things got a little crazy but our night changed our mind quickly.

We were up a lot with Marcos, he was very congested and wheezy and needed a nebulizer treatment, Sofia's wheeze has come back in full force and Isabella coughed here and there.  So instead most of us stayed in our PJ's all day long, ordered some breakfast and had a few egg hunts throughout the day.  We watched a movie (Hop) and called it a day!  It was great but I need to shake off this guilt I have about not getting a cute picture of the kiddos all dressed up in Easter outfits holding a cute bunny.  Oh well, something to look forward to next year! Hope your Easter was great!


  1. Sometimes the best memories are made in your pjs, relaxing, and spending time together!

  2. Happy Easter! There is something wonderful about staying in pjs all day. Glad you were all together as a family. Hope those babies feel better soon. Veronica still has a horrible cough and it's been 2 weeks!

  3. Nothing wrong with pjs. Sounds like an awesome Easter to me. What I loved the most about having the twins in isolation was having no pressure to go anywhere!