Wednesday, September 7, 2011

We are home!

It's been over a week since Carlitos came home, and over two weeks since Marcos and Sofia were released.  It's been a big blur.  Two babies were definitely manageable...the third one makes it super hard, especially nights.  We are getting no sleep.  Sofia has some digestion issues, gas or colic, I don't know...but she is so uncomfortable at times and screams so loud.

All three babies love to be held, day or night!

Since the babies have been home, I have:
  • changed a ton of diapers
  • seen way too much poop
  • done a lot of burping
  • prepared a lot of bottles
  • nursed way less than what I wanted to....and pumped a lot more
  • managed to bottle feed one baby and hold the others pacifier
  • carefully walk down the stairs while holding 2 babies
  • bottle fed one and pump at the same time
  • made it on time to three doctors' appointments
  • showered every day
  • reminded my husband what a good daddy he is
  • dealt with a very bad, horrible diaper rash
  • volunteered at Isabella's school
  • And gotten very little sleep....
I've cried tears of joy and happiness and tears of exhaustion.  There are days I feel completely overwhelmed.  I've given myself lots and lots of pep talks, the one that works the best is when I remind myself of everything my little babies went through.  Every breath they struggled with, every poke they got.  I think to myself...if they survived it, so can I!  I will not fail them.

PicturesTaken August 30, 2011
3 1/2 months old, 2 days old adjusted

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  1. I am a mess over here, reading through your blog. What a journey you all have had! You've walked through it with such grace. I so admire you. I hope today is a good one.