Friday, November 9, 2012

Flashback Friday~our identical boys

Here is a special Flashback! 
I haven't posted one in awhile...this doesn't mean that we don't have them.  
Everyday I think of just how tiny our three once were.    
Carlos and Marcos are identical twins, they shared a placenta, while Ms. Sofie had her very own and an individual sac.
Sharing a placenta put them at a very high risk for Twin to Twin Transfusion Syndrome.

Very early in the pregnancy, I underwent a procedure called Chorionic Villus Sampling (CVS) to rule out chromosomal abnormalities.  At the time, ultrasounds showed a concern for Baby B's (Marcos) bladder, it was enlarged.  We were so worried at the time and had no idea that the test will also confirm their sex.
I remember being asked on the phone if I wanted to know their sex and of course I said yes! first thought? What will I do if there is three boys?!
So here they are...
First of many pics together...

The pics were taken by a special someone who wanted to make mama smile once she got home from the NICU.

What do I see in these pictures?
The NG-tube...Carlos's (left) thru his mouth and Marcos's thru his nose.
This allowed them to drink mama's milk every 3 hours.  Carlitos was our sickest of the three and was on TPN (Total Parenteral Nutrition) the longest.  He took what seemed forever to work his way up to full feeds. He patiently waited to receive breast milk, nurse and drink from a bottle. Perhaps that is why our identical boys have always had a weight difference.

What else do I see? Nothing on their face!! Our wonderful nurses were allowing them a little break from oxygen support.  This photo shoot took about 20 seconds and required a team of four, including RT (respiratory therapist)
And they are wearing clothes! A huge NICU milestone...

The pictures were taken on July 22, 2011.

They came home about a month later.

Happy Friday!
And Happy 10 years to us!
TEN years ago I married the most wonderful man, husband and father.
We just wanted one more...
and God blessed us with three and after getting through a high risk pregnancy, an almost 3 1/2 month NICU stay, sleep deprivation and exhaustion, we are stronger than ever!


  1. Love this reminder of how far they have come Angelica-they were, and still are so sweet! You? Still amazing me all of the time :) Congratulations to you and Carlos on your 10 years, that is truly an achievement these days as well! Love & Hugs Always... Jacqui

  2. Happy happy anniversary! And, your little men were sooo tiny! It was nice of them to take those pictures for you! And to see them so big and growing so well now.