Monday, November 12, 2012


 I've been wanting to do this for a few weeks now.  Thankfully last weekend while Daddy was home, I remembered. and put the crayons in front of them.  Our activity lasted, uuummm, maybe a whole 5 minutes, definitely no more than 10.  Baby steps, baby steps...
The trio is about to turn 18 months old but we are not quite ready for coloring yet.  Opportunity alone and scribbles plus cause and effect will continue to be our focus.

Every six months, the three go through a developmental evaluation to see where they are at in all areas.  Marcos had his last Thursday and here's what is written on his report:

Cognitive & Fine Motor: 12-14 months
Receptive Language: 12-14 months
Expressive Language: 11-13 months
Gross Motor 9-11 months
Fine Motor 10-12 months

At the time of the assessment, his actual age was 17 months (adjusted age = 14 months) so he is doing great in a couple of areas.  His biggest challenges are gross motor (he is not walking yet) and language.  He has always been the least vocal out of the three.  Colds (runny noses) have gotten in the way each time a hearing test is scheduled.  The test after he got ear tubes put in did not show a significant improvement, and the doctor really didn't have an explanation.  The good thing is that usually gross motor usually takes over the brain so once he figures that out, we are hoping for a language explosion.  This is the trend that Sofia (our walker) followed and we are praying that the boys will get there soon.

I would be lying if I said that these numbers don't get to to me.  But only because all this stuff is a reminder of what they have all been through.  I allow myself moments of sadness, worry and concern but then I move on knowing that these three beat the odds.   In the mean time, the waiting game continues. Patience, patience, patience...and everything on their own time.

Did you know that early intervention and medical professionals stop adjusting age at TWO?
That's in six months! I'm thinking it may take much longer for my little ones to catch up and hopefully they will qualify for more services to speed this process up.
And so the journey continues....
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  1. Wow! Crayons! Jack still has no interest, but we keep trying.

  2. They are so cute lined up at their little table, and I see you have the best therapist working with them on coloring (Isabella). I swear that Brenna has been the twins best therapist. I loved when she use to tell them, say "ball - b-aaaaa-lllllllll" as she showed them a ball. She had been to so many appointments with us, she started to talk like a therapist. Those developmental tests can be so disappointing. It's not like they are telling us anything we don't already know - we just want it to be different. I was even more annoyed when they told me they don't adjust for prematurity after 2. They told me the twins should be jumping, and I thought, well, give them 4 more months and they probably will. Geez! Can't these micro-preemies get a little slack? Your kiddos are just precious.

  3. We tried crayons too...Cohen tried to eat them. I know its so hard to not let those numbers get to you. I had a hard time with Cohen's evaluation too. He isn't walking yet either!! In their own time :)

  4. It looks like they are doing awesome with the crayons! And, these next couple months will really be all about crazy growth and change. I just know they will be doing it all super fast.