Thursday, March 15, 2012


The trio started solids about two maybe three weeks ago (how time flies!).  At first, it was a bit frustrating for mama.  Carlitos was the only one who seemed to get it, and I was so surprised because out of the three, I thought he was the least ready! Marcos and Sofia just stared at me, barely opened their mouths. Our pediatrician told us to offer solids after a bottle, so I'm thinking they were too full.  After five days of trying that, I decided to offer solids before a bottle. What a difference, especially with Marcos.  Sofia was still a bit unsure.  We kept at it, just a few bites then followed by their bottle.  I am now offering solids after a bottle (but really rethinking this).  It's hit or miss! Sometimes they eat, sometimes they don't.  It has thrown off the schedule a lot because if I give too much they wont drink the next bottle, or as much of it, resulting in hungrier babies before mama is ready.  Now if it was one baby, no big deal but with three, a schedule is so helpful.  We are playing with the schedule almost every day.  Before a bottle, after a bottle....I'd like to try an hour or two after their bottle and push back the next bottle.  It's just trial and error! We'll get it soon! Does anyone have any tips for this transition?

Overall, it's gone well.  Every micro-preemie mama knows how much anxiety starting solids can bring.  The dreaded oral aversion is always in the back of my mind.  I am being very aware of the times they want it or not.  So far, Marcos is doing the best.  When we first started he would get so mad when the spoon left his mouth.  I'm thinking he wanted a flow of food like his milk.  Sofia has to be really hungry, and loves bananas.  She may have a sweet tooth! Carlitos is doing great.  I just have to catch him at the right time, in the right mood.  But excited to share that this new experience has not brought tears to anyone's eyes!

So far we have tried oatmeal, sweet potatoes, carrots, and bananas.  Next on the list are squash and avocado. 
And now for the pics of their first time eating oatmeal:


  1. Looks like they are really getting it now! I can't imagine feeding three little ones with spoons at the same time!

  2. They are amazing! Starting solids with your tight schedule... I can only imagine!!

  3. I know this post is from a couple of weeks ago, but I thought I could still comment!

    I guess I never was told to either feed before or after a bottle and I have just been feeding the solids before the bottle and then giving a bottle afterwards. This has been working out great for us! BUT, as you said, it does mess with the schedule because it takes a lot longer to feed (solids) then bottle feed them as well. I only have twins and it takes a good hour/ hour and a half to do all of this now. Good Luck to you!!