Sunday, January 29, 2012

A typical morning

This is what a typical morning for me looked like a couple of weeks ago...

Bella goes to the bathroom and calls for us
Wake up and check the feeding chart, babies last ate at midnight, laid back down for 10 min
Carlos awake, Sofia awake, warm up bottles, grab Carlos and Sofia from their room onto our bed, change diaper, get the boppys and their bottles and feed
Burp Sofia, put her back in the crib awake
Burp Carlos and put him back in the crib awake
Warm up bottle, grab Marcos and feed
Burp Marcos and put him in the swing awake
Go downstairs and make sure bottles from the dishwasher look ok
Pump, Facebook, Gmail, blog and check bank account
Shower while Daddy gets big sis ready for school
Raise downstairs to make sure big sis eats
She is already dressed and hair done (Daddy rocks)
Give her meds
Cut fruit for her snack
Put bottles together
Make 32 oz of formula
Take bites of cereal
Unload dishwasher
Warm up water for bottles
Babies up and awake in their room
Get bottles ready
Changer diaper, change clothes, feed all 3, burp all 3
Meds for reflux for all 3, Amoxicillin for Sofia, Flovent inhaler for all 3
Put all 3 down for nap, 2 in the swing and one in packnplay
Pump, Facebook, Blog and eat

Things have slightly changed, we are working hard on dropping the midnight feeding and adjusting our schedule...
Here is a pic of all three taken on January 21, 2012


  1. Wow!! I'm exhausetd just from reading this! How do you do it? I'm glad you got a shower in. That's got to count for something, right? The babies are beautiful!

    (P.S. We haven't started solids yet but plan to do so this week. She'll be 6 months adjusted on Saturday)

    1. let me know how solids go...are u starting with cereal? we have our appointment on the 16th, hoping to get the go ahead :) excited but more work for mommy!

  2. I remember those days (minus one of course). The pumping and feeding and taking care of big sister is exhausting. I hope you are able to drop the midnight feed soon. They all look chunky, so maybe you won't have to do it. We didn't drop our midnight feed until after ours were a year old because they needed the calories and did not eat well. How are yours so chubby? They are just too cute; they look very squeezable! Hope you are able to get more sleep soon.

  3. that is amazing! Whew! the babies are adorable though :)

  4. Holy cow...I'm absolutely exhausted reading that!

    I hope they drop that midnight feeding soon so you can get a good nights sleep.

    They are getting so big!