Sunday, January 15, 2012

Help is here!

We did it! We survived 2 weeks on our own, without any family staying with us.  My mother-in-law left on January 3, and everything was all good until we had Sofie's hospital scare! Super daddy was amazing.  I am so proud of how well my hubby handled it all. And me too! You know how hard it is for a mama to lose control of things, but we had no choice.  I was not leaving my Sofie alone in the hospital. He did so awesome, he even packed up the boys to take Bella to school.  He is one great daddy!  

We've fallen behind on quite a few things.  Our list of "Things to Do" remains the same, and it's driving me crazy!  The mess everywhere I walk is so hard on me.  But deep breaths and reminding me that everyone is healthy and smiling help me get through it.

Daddy has had 3 weeks of work! The rest of his family leave.  He goes back tomorrow! As hard as it has been, I have enjoyed our two weeks together on our own.  
Grandma and Grandpa arrived yesterday!  While the hubby and Bella were off at the airport, I survived our first witching hour with the three.  It was horrible! Crying, Screaming, Sobbing! I stayed calm but it still sucked! I will definitely need some strategizing for that when I am by myself again.  

But for now, we are grateful to have some extra hands again.  The flexibility to be able to run to the grocery store help me feel somewhat normal.  And for the next month, hopefully there will not be too much of this...

 All three eating at the same time
 My attempt to sort and fold laundry, about a week's worth of just baby clothes.

And because I tried to catch up on the laundry...lots and lots of bottles piled up!

Hope your Sunday is wonderful!

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