Sunday, August 21, 2011

Finally an update

Today the triplets are 96 days old. How I wish I could have had the time and energy to blog about everything they have been through...but since we cannot turn back time, I will start with today.

They will soon be home! We can see the end to the NICU journey, and we are getting things ready.
We have 3 cribs, 2 swings, 2 car seats (yes, we need one more) a new mini van! lots and lots of clothes, diapers, blankets, hats, bibs and so much more. Mom and dad are working on the room, putting curtains up and washing and cleaning as much as we can. We still cannot believe how generous people have been. We are so thankful for every gift, whether its new or used. We are grateful for everything that has been given to us!

This past week:
Tuesday: Lemonade party for Big Sister's Kinder class
Wednesday: First day of Kinder!!

Thursday: Sofia's eye laser surgery
Friday: The boys' hernia surgery. The surgeries kept getting pushed back and the boys were starving. It was so hard, the IV fluids started around 6am and the surgeries were not until early evening. They could not eat all day long. Thankfully, our nurses did a great job in holding and trying to comfort them.

All the surgeries went well. Sofia recovered very quickly, while the boys are still a bit sleepy.

On this 96th day, I am missing my babies. I stayed home from the hospital to finish organizing their room. I think we are ready! No nursing today but lots of pumping. Mama's pumping about 45 oz of breast milk a day!!! and I need more!!

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