Thursday, October 18, 2012

Our pumpkins

Our house is a bit of a disaster this week, but our photo book is now completed!!
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Monday, October 8, 2012

Mommy and Me Monday

This past week I ran across an article  The Mom Stays in the Picture and it reminded me that I have become that mom, the one who purposely avoids the camera.  
I'm always feeling like I never really get ready these days.  
Sometimes a shower is a big deal and all that there is time for 
unless I want to lose 20 minutes (or more) of sleep.

I looked at some pics from last month and here I am...about the only ones I found.
This must have been one of the few "let's put some make up on" kind of day.

This was the same day the boys got their first haircut.  
Since we were already downtown with the big limo, we headed to Lala's Creamery for some ice cream. 
Well, the trio didn't actually have ice cream, they had whole milk yogurt and fruit instead.
I can't wait until all of us can enjoy it, so far they don't like the coldness.

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Thursday, October 4, 2012

Hiiiii, Bye-Bye, Clap and Arms Up!

Yesterday we went to story time! Our 3rd time! Huge accomplishment.  Not too long ago I would have never thought this to be possible with the three.
Now that we are out and about a bit more, we often get asked how old they are.
I think this month, we have gotten...
Are they 6 months? 9 months?  Last week, someone asked if they were 4 months!!
We've gotten quite a few looks of confusion when people are surprised by my answer.
The trio is 16 months.  And no they are not walking yet.

During introductions at the library, I went back and forth a bit...
Do I say their actual age? their adjusted age?
I went with the actual age but it's still a struggle within me.  I'm surrounded by babies who are half their age and sometimes bigger than them.  Kiddos who are their age and are twice as big as them.  It's hard not to wonder what people think.  Strangers don't know our story or what they have been through.  It's natural to wonder.  I am sure if I had not walked this micro-preemie journey, I would do the same.
I don't mind sharing their history but one big disadvantage of being out with three is that there is no down time, no breathing time and little room for conversation with others.  They are left wondering.  Instead of allowing myself to worry about what others think, we'll focus on the positive...

We've had huge development and growth these past few weeks.
 I really do wish I could write down every little thing!
The kids are playing, I mean really playing with toys, with each other, it's wonderful.  
They are curious about everything around them.  They are figuring out how toys work and playing with them correctly.  They are taking in the world.  What I am enjoying the most is their level of understanding, language development is slowly picking up.
All three are waving at the right times, when we (or strangers) say hi and hello, and of course bye-bye.
Marcos is the most social while we are out.  I think he waves at everyone in sight.  Then Carlos does not let his brother show off, he often follows.  Sofie is her own person and glares at strangers with her serious look. If she really likes you and finds you good enough to smile at, then her smile is huge.
She may even say a quick "Hiiii"!  

They are all clapping when we say "clap", kissing mama (or doll) often when we say "kiss" and lifting their arms up when we say "arms up!".  This week my heart melted when Sofia kissed her brothers after I said "kiss your brother", then she proudly smiled and giggled.

Sofia is (as always) showing off her verbal skills these days.  She repeats many sounds.  I am not sure if I am making it up or my ears are playing tricks on me but I believe I have heard her attempt and say a few words such as "hi, bye, book, hat, cup, sleep, ball, up, peas, cake, duck, and car" in a very cute way.  Of course she often yells our "ELLA" for Bella.  The boys are repeating A LOT especially up, cup, ball, car and bye, and a lot more sounds that my brain can't remember at the moment.  Sofie pants has mastered pointing to her nose when asked and all three are working on touching their head when mama asks.  All of my singing is also paying off.  They are bouncing and dancing and recognizing songs.  They are starting to mimic some motions of Itsy Bitsy Spider and Open Shut Them and they all clap for me when the song is over as if asking for more.  

Every parent celebrates milestones.  We know we celebrated plenty with Isabella but with these three, all of this is big! Big can't even describe it.  It's a bit different this time around and times three.  Things are happening, they are slowly catching up and we are so thankful and blessed. 
The day they all raised their little hands up in the air, I almost shed some tears!

Now since we are talking about development and growth...I must share that we are quite proud that Isabella has found herself in the highest reading level of first grade.  I guess all those hours of reading for six years has really paid off!  She is enjoying the popular Junie B. Jones series and scoring 100% on math and spelling tests! She is also enjoying her siblings a lot more and celebrating their milestones with us.

What milestones are your celebrating this week?  

Picture time!

Monday, October 1, 2012

First haircuts

Here we's haircut time! 
September 8, 2012

Before picture~Marcos

After picture

It's Carlos's turn!

After picture

Daddy did a great job!

These pictures really show just how different these identical boys are!