Monday, October 8, 2012

Mommy and Me Monday

This past week I ran across an article  The Mom Stays in the Picture and it reminded me that I have become that mom, the one who purposely avoids the camera.  
I'm always feeling like I never really get ready these days.  
Sometimes a shower is a big deal and all that there is time for 
unless I want to lose 20 minutes (or more) of sleep.

I looked at some pics from last month and here I am...about the only ones I found.
This must have been one of the few "let's put some make up on" kind of day.

This was the same day the boys got their first haircut.  
Since we were already downtown with the big limo, we headed to Lala's Creamery for some ice cream. 
Well, the trio didn't actually have ice cream, they had whole milk yogurt and fruit instead.
I can't wait until all of us can enjoy it, so far they don't like the coldness.

Join in on the fun!
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  1. you look great and I love how natural all those pictures are!
    as for being the one who avoid the camera I wrote a blog post you might be interested in reading:

  2. So glad you did jump in some of them!

    And, liking ice cream/ know it's coming soon and they will devour it.