Monday, May 28, 2012

First hour at the park

On Saturday, Isabella had a school field trip to a Rocky Seashore. Mommy stayed behind and took care of the three.  While I was home with them, I got a little bit sad at the fact that we can't all enjoy many outings together just yet.  So on Sunday I was determined to get everyone out of the house for a quick trip out.
We grabbed some lunch, went to the park, and grabbed some ice cream and Starbucks before heading home! We were only gone for 2 hours at the most, but those 2 hours are such a big step and bring so much normalcy to our lives!
After swallowing our food, Sofia goes in the swing for the first time.  Yes, I cleaned it with wipes and I got some funny looks but I wasn't about to let her touch that very gross seat!!

She didn't seem to like it too much and didn't look very comfortable sitting in it.  Maybe in a few weeks.
And now more pictures...

Sofia, Carlos and Marcos
Today also marks the one year anniversary of our blog.  My first entry on Sanchez, Party of Six happened exactly one year ago. I still remember sitting at the computer after a long day at the hospital feeling helpless and alone.  So much has changed.  From three tiny, sick and fragile babies in their isolettes to three happy babies at the park.  God is good.

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Friday, May 25, 2012

Flashback Friday~Sofia

This is Sofia on May 26, 2011.
She was the first out of the three to be extubated, 9 days after she was born.
 She was my smallest, weighing 1 lb 2.3 oz.
Everyone called her a rock star. 
If my memory is correct...she lasted about 3 days 2 1/2 weeks before the tube had to go back in.  
That was hard, oh those ups and downs of the NICU.
She was intubated for approximately 6 weeks. 
Once she had her PDA surgery, she didn't look back and her breathing progressed quickly.

Friday, May 18, 2012

Flasback Friday~Birthday edition

We had a great day yesterday! I must have sang happy birthday a million times.  I think I spent all day taking pictures and video! Hopefully soon I can upload.  
It has been an emotional week...but in a good way. I thought I would have a harder time on their first birthday but I am feeling at peace with everything we have gone through. I have shed a few tears, especially when I look at this.  But a lot of times, they are happy tears.  Tears of joy, especially when I take a few seconds and just stare at my babies. They are so big and so long. They once fit on my chest, in between my breasts. They were so tiny and now when their heads are on my shoulders, their cute little feet touch my lap!
At times I am speechless, in complete amazement of how far they have come. 
I've been asking big sis if she remembers the day they were born and when she first saw them. Her responses include "They were tiny, their heads were as big as my fist, they were slimy and shiny but they were cute..."

I also asked my mom if she remembered what she thought when my water broke.  Luckily my parents were visiting from AZ.  When we left for the hospital around midnight my mom was also hopeful.  She thought I would stay in the hospital for sure but no one really thought that they would come so early.  When she got the call about my emergency C-section she tells me that her and my dad got on their knees and prayed.  
It was good that they were born while they were here...I don't even want to picture what we would have done if we would have been alone.  Can you imagine Isabella coming with us or me taking an ambulance by myself! Yikes. 

Here is Grandma meeting Carlitos for the first time

And now lots to do for our birthday party on Sunday!

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

One year ago...

A year ago tonight, I came home from the hospital after a 4 night stay for pre term labor. I was 25 weeks pregnant with three. I was feeling pretty happy that the contractions had only dialated my cervix to 1 cm.  I was ready to be on bed rest and make it to 28 weeks.
I came home, had dinner, watched TV and went to bed

Less than 2 hours later, I woke up to soaked sheets. My water had broke and the babies were born just a few hours later. I've never been so scared in my entire life. Their birth was traumatic to say the least. All three had to be intubated right away. It took hours for me to see them. And when I did, I stared at three different isolettes, each with a tiny baby inside covered in wires and tubes. Our babies were sick and medically fragile for weeks. The thought of losing one, two or all three babies was real. But here we are. One year later. Lots of prayers and faith in God's plan, patience and a whole lot of fighting on their part; we made it. Happy birthday babies!

One post way overdue

In April before illness number who knows what began, the hubby and I got a much needed break!  We had amazing babysitters, three of our NICU nurses came to visit and watched the babies, while Isabella went to the city with my sister who was visiting from Arizona.  It felt like a real date! A nice, quiet and relaxing lunch, some good wine later followed by a good cup of joe.  Thank you nurse Jacqui, Jen and Monica!!

We loved our team of nurses. One of the many blessings since the babies were born. We often felt like the trio had their own dream team who took care of them.  We started with three different teams of primary nurses and as the trio got bigger, healthier, started co-bedding and closer to discharge our teams merged.
This always kept me guessing who would take care of the three.  I even heard rumors that the nurses would try to sign up for them, and they would take turns.  It was the greatest feeling knowing that our babies were well cared for and loved.  And now we are so lucky to have quite a few of them visit once in awhile.  I love it!
As happy as I was to have all three babies home, it was weird not seeing our nurses and visiting the hospital every day.  I think well into month 2 of our NICU stay, we had a pretty good routine, I knew what my day would look like everyday starting with the long commute. Visiting our babies in the hospital became our norm.  It makes me so happy to still see our nurses.  We love the entire ICN staff at Kaiser San Francisco and our babies would not be here without them. I can't believe this micro preemie triplet journey began exactly one year ago (tomorrow).

Some pics of their day:

Previous visit with Nurse Jacqui and Nurse Monica back in November:
 I think Sofia was sleeping...
And our most recent visit..thank you ladies! My massage was wonderful.

Monday, May 14, 2012

Family Outing~Cornerstone Sonoma

We did it! Our second family outing since the trio was born almost a year ago! You can read about our first one here.  It did require a lot of planning but we did it.  It was a wonderful Mother's Day! We even sat down and had lunch. Yes, lunch including a glass of wine for me! Hopefully I can post more details later.  Lots to do on a Monday morning.

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Saturday, May 12, 2012

This past week

Oh lil blog how I miss you.
Life has been keeping us busy.
I am down to pumping three times a day and usually while the babies are awake meaning very little computer time. 
A recap of our week....our week got off to a great start...

On Monday, FOUR NICU nurses came for a visit while I went and got an hour massage! I was in heaven and so grateful of their time and love for the trio. I even got a cup of coffee all by myself, this meant, I actually sat down and enjoyed SILENCE.  Tuesday, Carlos had his hearing test which showed fluid in one ear. Since this is the first time it has shown this, his pedi is requesting another test in a month or two hoping it resolves itself. It also looks like the doctors would like to move forward with tubes for Marcos and I'm hoping the ENT doctor and I stop playing phone tag this week. Carlitos also got his blood drawn and I hated every minute of it. I am not looking forward to taking the other two. I put it off as much as I could. Our doctor has been asking since before our 9 month check up.  This is the real thing.  I had to hold my little Carlos on my lap.  I was so nervous.  Of course I had to ask if the tech person had experience drawing blood on little guys.  "I am from the hospital.  I do this all the time."  I warned him that my little kiddo had very little veins.  Not happy to say that he did NOT seem to know what he was doing.  Carlos screamed the whole time.  I had to hold his little arms.  He needed to get 2 other techs to help.   They seemed so surprised at his strength.  I should have warned them.  They had to use both arms and then they say, "Not sure we got enough blood but we'll send it off and let you know if we need more."  Umm, no thank you!!
Wednesday, the babies and I ventured out and did some walking at the outlets. We met another mom there who also has triplets. It's so nice to have a friend nearby who gets the craziness we go through! Thursday-our home visitors from the early learning institute continue to be impressed with the trios progress. They walked in to find Sofia sitting unassisted. Her and Marcos are lasting a long time, and I couldn't be more proud. Carlos is also progressing. Isabella  had a dentist appointment that afternoon. The trio stayed behind while we took care of business and did some speedy Target shopping.  We were ecstatic to know she (again) has no cavities!!! Yay, Daddy!!!  We were a bit shocked to be honest.  In between caring for the trio and many sleepless nights, teeth brushing is the last thing on our minds.  I was also happy to talk to our dentist about the babies' teeth.  She seemed very knowledgeable on preemie teeth and all the problems they can have.  Our plan is to take them in as soon as the first tooth comes in.
Friday was physical therapy morning.  I love the individual sessions they each get but I do have to adjust one or 2 of the babies' schedule resulting in a little bit more work.  But I know it is so worth it.   We also had a very nice visit from a mom I recently met who is expecting three little ones.  We are so excited to have so many triplets near us and praying that she has a very long pregnancy.

And here we are today, Saturday...usual baby stuff.  We were successfully able to go down to four bottles a day, three solid meals and two naps.  Babies are still coughing, and Sofia's wheezing is back.  I was so bummed but praying that we will outgrow this soon.  She went 10 days symptom free.  We are spending about 2 1/2 hours per day doing nebulizer treatments of albuterol and pulmacort.  Not fun but I've become to accept this as part of our daily routine.  We have an even busier week ahead of us, lots to do for the party.  Yes, we are a week away from the big birthday bash.  Not really sure what I was thinking and when and how things will get done, but we are celebrating the crazy year we have had.  We are so excited.  Emotional days for sure.  A year ago today, I was hospitalized for preterm labor. Lots of painless contractions.  Medicines and steroids for the babies' lungs...Thanking God for the five additional days the babies had in mommy's belly.

Happy Mother's Day to all of you!

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Marcos's Hearing

Since the babies are turning one this month, there are many appointments to take them to.
Last week, Marcos went to see an audiologist for his fourth, maybe fifth hearing test.
It didn't go as I had hoped.
He still has fluid in his ears, now they are saying in both ears. 
Marcos's right ear failed his newborn hearing screening back in August 2011.
It's now May and the problem has not resolved itself.  Back in the Fall,  he also had an ABR (Auditory Brainstem Response) test done which measures the hearing nerve's responses to sounds.   Luckily it did not show permanent hearing loss.  He has temporary hearing loss that will eventually resolve itself.  They've been talking about tubes since day one but for some reason doctors wanted to give him more time.  Feeling kinda bummed but only because as I was leaving the appointment.  I innocently asked, "...but he can hear me, right?" And the answer was..."not really.  He hears something but it sounds more like noise to him."  I didn't let it get to me that day but it's been on the back of my mind.  She suggested we talk a little bit louder to him and make sure he has good eye contact when we are talking to him.   Now that his first birthday is around the corner, we are being sent to the ENT doctor once again. He will make the call. It's really so hard to believe that he can't hear us that well.  The audiologist noticed that he is very visual, and that sometimes that makes up for it. Our pediatrician is having me pay close attention to the sounds he is making because now they are worried about language and speech development. I don't know if this happens to other moms of multiples, but its so hard for me to remember who is doing what unless it's really obvious. We are hearing a lot of ...da da da and ah ah ah and some g sounds and paying close attention.

Praying this resolves itself soon so we can avoid tubes, a pretty common procedure but I wouldn't mind skipping it.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

May 1

There is so much that I want to write about but never enough time.  Many thoughts on my mind these days.  May 1.  The countdown begins.  Party or no party?  After going back and forth, yes, no, we are going for it.  They deserve it.  We deserve it and so does Big Sis.  A celebration of the miracles we have.  16 more days and the triplets will turn one.  Not sure what the next few days will make me feel like.


During the month of April last year, we moved homes.  We needed a house with more space for our growing family.  April was the month to do it.  It took us an entire month.  Little by little.  We thought this would be enough time to get settled in before the babies came.  We thought the babies would be born late June at the earliest.  I was worried about making it to Bella's dance recital.  How could I go being almost 32 weeks pregnant with triplets?  There had to be a way.  There was no way I would miss it.

Did I do too much?  Did I not take care of myself? Why didn't our doctor believe in bed rest?  I was careful.  At least I try to believe.  No, I know I was, but still.  A small part of me still thinks...what if...what if I didn't rest enough?  Would I have been able to carry the babies a few more weeks? I followed doctors orders not to pick anything up over 10 lbs.  I couldn't pick up my Bella.  Going to the grocery cart was hilarious.  Bella would climb into the cart with a little push and then jump off.  A couple of times I asked strangers to help.  Never had I allowed someone to push my cart and help me with groceries.  I was so pregnant.  I may not have looked it according to everyone else but I sure felt like it.

About this time last year, I was measuring at 32 weeks but was only about 22 weeks pregnant.  I had discussed my history with my doctors.  A few times I reminded them of my bed rest with Bella.  It started at 32 weeks.  They assured me that since I was able to carry her until 39 weeks I should be fine.  Really? I know...doctors cannot predict the future but come on.  If I couldn't carry one baby without bed rest, how could I carry three? I was terrified of bed rest but only because of Isabella.  How would I take care of her?   After each visit with the doctors (and there were plenty) I always felt so relieved.  Another week without bed rest.  I would have jumped at it now.  I would have begged for it if it would have given them just a few more days.

I could keep going but must get to bed...I should already be asleep!

Cute Sofie pic taken today.  Awww so sweet and innocent.  My baby girl reminds me so much of Big Sister.  Don't let that smile fool Sofia got out of her bumbo seat.  Thankfully she was in one of the playpens with lots of padding surrounding her.  She is rolling a lot, across the room in seconds, taking toys away from the boys, shaking her head, and starting to clap! All of it deserves a celebration!  Let the countdown begin!